Letter to the President of Wascals Wecords and Dee Wee Deez

Hey Greg,
      The singer songwriter Paul Williams told Richard Perry his Producer at Warner Bros. that Biff Rose wrote Fill Your Heart the song David Bowie recorded....but Richard Perry didn't want any part of Biff Rose so to eliminate him and build up Paul ( the missing link between Man and the Planet of the Apes) .... Perry said in the liner notes to Paul's Holy Mackeral fishy album that Paul Williams was the Artist-writer of Fill Your Heart..... DAVID BOWIE set the record straight on his Hunky Dory album...Chuck Kaye, Paul's Publisher compounded the evil Paul started by ripping me off and allowing those (as Randy Newman night say) "those smart ass Hollywood jews" to use his name for money and power and eliminate me who now includes them all.....and it doesn't cost anybody anything.....now that the Internet is invented and everybody can be rounded up and the truth be told to balance their lies and kill them....in the sho biz sense....thus vindicating Hitler who saw the jews as eating at the innards of a German culture he tried to build as Moses tried to build a jewish culture based on run-away ego-tism.,..Moses's was "I am the Lord thy God..I'll have no strange gods before me".....Hitler's was "I am the Aryan Supremacist..I'll have no non-Aryans before me..." Both suck.....I am the Second Coming of Christ...it'll hit you with ABIFF and then you may rise to see how "he rose.." (J.C.)...thru the lips of a whore and me thru about four...about four hookers whose names are legendeary when you see VICTORY drawn from Victoria whose secret is.....well......known......, HONOR from Honore Jachimiec my old summer romance from 1959 when she was 18.....and S and M from Susanna Menke... my German vyfe..not my wife my vyfe my vyfe and the need for an American male...the dominating e-male in this case to "beat" the German woman when it comes to commanding the territory...Susanna insisted in Berlin last January that I pee INSIDE the toilet bowl accusing me of dribbling..and spraying....she made a great show of laying down towells and paper...to no avail..it only antagonized me to the point where I claimed my territory all over Germany and was hired subsequently by the German government to perform and reveal this "reconquering" pf the German people thru their Feminazi women who put down thei men for losing two world wars.......I restored German pride on the Night of Oct.20th 2007 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin in my concert by pointing out that their leader is a WOMAN and an ANGEL as her first name is ANGELA and her last name sounds like a "miracle" to rednecks everywhere..."merckle"....it's a "MERCKLE" of gawd as southern preachers would say who don't want no goddam "ngrz" in the White House hold tenaciously to that "plantation mentality (Oprah is National Mammy....Osama bin Laden is the Field Hand...Obama Tom...our obediant House servant...) for the sake of ME the White Male who KNOWS that the only way the white male can win is to kill all the black men, ..kill all the white women and mate with all the black women...if....we....can....ONLY....get.....them....to......HOL-L-L-D......STILL-L-L-L....!!!!!!
      I pointed out to the Germans on the 20th of October that their "angel"...a "Merckle" of gawd...is BETTER than OUR contribution to "femiworld" politics..(our local "Hillary")...as I am the 2nd Coming of Christ with a southern accent (Biff rose....)....and consequently serve the LOWERED..and the GERMANS have been with the LOWERED and are HIGHERED by the LOWERED...except for Susanna who must clean up that mess she made with all that paper and all those towells wet with a conquerer's "Capital P.".......ALL I am saying is ...Give P......see? a chance!).....( we...I mean...VE claim our territory before mating with Oprah's daughters to create a bronze race to "appear" as the enemy Arabs the better to infiltrate their ranks ( what Ice Cube called "... sand nigguhz and dune koonz" in Three Kings)...and bring back Allah's secrets so our CIA operatives can "get religion" around the vurld...we...including "ve"..use the Internet as our weapon......ve SEIZE the net...ve are the NETSEIZE..our secret police is not the gestapo but the GASPACHO.....HILLARY can NEVER replace the "Merckle" of gawd as "Das Reich der Mutter"...because Hillary will ALWAYS be tainted by Bill getting head from the jewbitsch Monica.....on their knees is where all jews belong going back to Richard Perry of Warner Bros.and Chuck Kaye of A and M Records for trying to build up that "greedy dwarf mentality" whose stars and billions on Hollywood Blvd don't mean schitt now that the Second Coming of Christ strikes with lightning und Blintzkriegs until even the State of Israel is on their kness for mis-spelling what "ISREAL"....I gave EVERY JEW the program TO MY HIT MUSICAL "HITLER ON THE ROOF" ( THE SUCCESSOR TO "MEINE VACATION AT SUMMER KAMPF".....BUT THEY MISPELLED "PROGRAM" AS WELL as "Isreal".........THEY KEPT spelling it "pogrom"...and "Israel".....so "Musical Netseize of the world untied...you have nothing to lose but U-Note...)