Biff Rose Around the Web

This page will be a changing and growing collection of links to other web sites which feature or mention Biff Rose in a variety of fashions. If you find a page which you think should be added, email The Wascal with the web address.

  • First and foremost is KELLEY TOWN, a site which promises to never write "anything depressing". KELLEY TOWN first recommends Biff's first album HERE but goes on to deconstruct him on the RANTS AND RAVES page.
    Check out Biff's response to KELLEY TOWN

  • Biff Rose was "fired" from a restaurant in Gainseville, in 1978, according to This Webpage

  • This page reviews a record that Biff has never heard of, in spite of the fact that it boasts a bonus track of Biff and Elizabeth Suggs (which they claim is #86 on the charts in Belgium). Click HERE to read about it, and be sure to drop us a line if you figure out what the hell they're talking about!

  • A review of Biff's 1995 album Bone Again on this page

  • Rev. Charles incorporates Biff into his sermon on this page

  • This page boasts "THE ADVENTURES of BIFF ROSE and the RASTA PIRATE" as told by "Darin". Click HERE for the full story!

  • One of many Paul Williams bios on the web which mention Biff. Click HERE

  • This fellow filmed a "six minute documentary" of Biff in 1996, which is actually more like a trailer to an as-of-yet unfinished film. To read about it, click HERE

  • This page is the history of KOPN radio, in Columbia, Missouri, whichs boasts Biff as the first sounds on the air, when they began in 1973. Click HERE to read more.

  • This page has a history of the Amazingrace collective, from the Northwestern University Archives, and lists Biff a couple of times in their roster of performances. Click HERE to view the page; however, it's in pdf format.

  • This page contains a 1999 article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune which mentions Biff in passing. Click HERE

  • Robert Christgau ("Dean of American Rock Critics" according to his site) has uploaded his columns from 1969, with some mentions of Biff HERE

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