Dear Biff: I did not read this message but wanted to say thank you for keeping me on your email list because I do enjoy reading all your humor and wit and genius. I have not ruled out the blueberry fest but if were to go it would be alone as cheryl probably won't be able to be there this year. Que sara sara and maybe yu will be in another place near chicago? I would love to have an afternoon with you (or morning or evening). We might have some karma? or I just love you and feel so privelleged to know you and have actually spent a few hours with you. Just wonder if you have any thought about the summer yet. and thanks again for keeping me on the email list.

love and light,


Dear's gone beyond that now....I'm're'd have to wear your chastitybelt....and get that motel with Cheryl out of the way...don't get me wrong...I love her...youknow that...she's round and firm and fully packed and free and easy on the draw...whatta Lucky Strike....ButI NEED you now as my two fave sponsors live around the corner from each other and being treated everequally as I've had to treat you and Cheryl...both Jody and Mark...and Skip and Teresa have received theirMardi Gras beads for the good noose of necks in the Springtime and what comes ...necks....!!!....Go yetherefore and advertise,advertise, advertise... our new BEADNECK GENERATION....but I can't beswitching one place here and one place there....but must show that there IS a third choice (YOU IN A CHEAPMOTEL OFF THE BLUE STAR HWY. somewhere between Saugatuck and Glenn where they hold thePancake Festival right about the same time as So.Haven's Blueberry Festival..but where we can hold ourown...)...both to establish the TRINITY for all ISLAM who doesn't believe in the TRINITY...which Ipresented to them at first in the irrisistable form of the Father, Son and Harley Ghost . We can't leave out thebikers as we curry the flavor of bumper stickers everywhere advertising Gay Nazis for Cheryl...although I do plan to see her in Miami and knock her up....YOU COME FIRST....I don't knowif THE EVIL SPROUT will attend this year's BloodFest..but I have several other victims of theatre artsand plagues in general... to introduce to this Art of the Father Our Father who art plus I'm so horney I couldSCREAM so make reservations NOW....and if I falter in my love it will be because it isn't till August and it'sonly April and the juices are flowing NOW with no tepid waters to impede the rush ...and bring on thosenasty jelly fish that upset everything over in Pensacola in otherwise calm and benign turquoise Springtimepristine swimmings ...whole.........thank you MOMstir...for all the love..I know you are enjoying as are weall..the War and the Peace simultaneously...and now that the War is in abeyyance ( is that a word?) bring onthe Peace that we may both OBEY and E-BAY....Love, Biff Bay....

Dear POPstir

I'm thinking about staying in town, forgot the name of the place but will recognize it on thechamber's web site. I think I remember from last year that one place I was interested in didnot have a refund policy. think there was a place near thewater..Skip?Theresa?Jody?Mark? Would be great to see Sprout again. Steve? Bob?Jordan?







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Dear MOMstir... whoops...wait a minue...two baby sparrows just flew in the kitchen....oh look...there'son in the cupboard by the Pork'n'Beans..."Lisa! Come get Pinky..." ohgawd..Oinky theGiant White Boxer's gonna eat the baby can't just left the's itsfirst attempt looks olike Kitty Hawk..I'll cal it no..that's not good...I'llcall it that's worse....Lisa found a baby kitty last night..fullaburrs...drunk...wandering around St. Claude Av.....she rescued must've left the's Spring..all the baby animals are wandering around New Orleans looking for abar....the baby aparrow headed for the por'n'beans...the baby kitten was carried to theMRB (The Miss.River Bottom Bar) by Lisa!Lisa!...she gave it to Sarah! Sarh!...theymothered the little...nay smothered the's totally feathery's name so far isGrady..Sarah!Sarh! has a new apt. on Bourbon..around the corner so the night shift doesn'thave to let the air out of her bike tires to keep her from trying to take her bike home drunk asusual...they're so cute..those babies...oh oh..Pinky..hokd him him;;;whow....Lisa gotPinky just in time...his jaws almost snatched that bird....I'm terrified of grabbing animalsbut that bird held still cuz it doesn't know any better terrified and cornered and new toflying....OUT he went...they'll be back...we have more pork'n'beans..the ad for THEAMERICAN WEBOLUTION appeared for the First Time this morning, the first day 140 of OffBeat! although the least expensive ad...itleaps out at you in contrast to the overloaded other ones surrounding announces theAmerican Webolution and states ONLY website...all theothers must be o.k. I just checked it out with MARIA...I just met a girl namedMaria...Maria works at Matassas...Matassas is the grocery store...Cosimo Matassas ownsit...he produced every major rock'nroll song made in New Orleans in the LittleRichard's Tootie Frootie..and..let's see...I'm sure there was another is veryconvenient getting a room this year..after last year when Skip and Teresa were away at awedding and I stayed at Mark and Jody' it's back to normal but visitng both placesand staying at all three...them and that sultry motel you're gonna get out on august..hope it happens...on ne sait jamais......POPstir.....