From Lydia Smuft, Mar 6, 2009:

After settling in at the Big Apple’s Gramercy Park Hotel, Bowie led the band through a week of rehearsals at the city’s RCA Studios. At nights, he and Geoff would hang out at the legendary rock’n’roll haunt Max’s Kansas City. “It was the coolest place in New York,” Geoff explained. “On any given night you’d usually find a Jagger, Lennon or Lou Reed, as well as a couple of film stars.

“David dragged me down there to see Biff Rose. He’d written the anthem Fill Your Heart on Hunky Dory. But, to be honest, his set wasn’t my cup of tea and I think David was a bit underwhelmed.

“Then another guy came on and sat down at the same piano and began playing something equally gloomy. We’d have left there and then if we hadn’t had beers to finish. Just at the point where it was all getting too much, he strapped on a Fender Telecaster and the band struck up an anthem called Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
“We were blown away. That was the first time David and I saw Bruce Springsteen.”

Biff's Reply: one could hear me that nite at Max'sd Kansas City...cuz I'm not loud...Springsteen is loud and you're in better shape to hear through reading what I sang that nite..I opened thr show with "He's just a shell of a man..but if you hold him to your ear you can hear the ocean roar...he's been looking back to appreciate forward motion more...." Bruce is not capable of such poetry cuz he;s dumb....and he writes dumb songs for the masses...the closest he comes to anything interesting that has currency is Dancing in the Dark....he and you are irrelevent...I am EARrelevant....You can get the rest of the song on my fifth album Uncle Jesus and Auntie Christ (1972)....AFTER NOBODY could hear me...cuz they were all jersey-ites waiting for their loud guy with the black dude blowing up his a yankee plantation scion and a slave uprising....I sang 'Dylan moved to Malibu and New York needed a look like a jew...god bless you...ah joo..god bless you..." nobody got were drunk..Bowie is witless....he wanted to meet me...he stared smiling like a corpse stuck up the Cheshire cat ... and I told him 'Hey thanks for doing Fill Your heart but did you have to cop the whole arrangement..I mean couldn;t you have done your own treatment of it" He couldn;t ..being as he;'s an Bruce Sprinsteen's initials...Bruce was appropriate for the early seventies like Dylan for the early sixties..this perspective can now be that everyone is dead except for the young who have HEARD of those "wannabees" and would be are trapped in that gestalt and can't possibly hear me...although many who read this may...Bruce's initials are what he is..the slave uprising blowing up his ass that nite (Clarence Clemons) has risen to the point of standing back to back with B.S. at the Super Bowl halftime show as though they're about to march counting off a duel....Clarence is slightly taller than B.S. like Obama is slightly taller than George Bush..but I don;t think you "get" that aren;t the only one who now wants to know what was happening back then..I did fifteen minutes to open the show...Andy Warhol was in the first row.,that takes care of HIS fifteen minutes of fame...after B.S.'s second show encore he said," Let's get Biff up here..." I got up..and played piano with the E-Street band...I kept repeating "This really sucks..this is just noise..." When I got off the stage...everyone was patting me on the back saying 'That was great,Biff.." "No it wasn't" I kept saying.."It was just theatre..just noise...the yankee scion of the old planation and the slave uprising..we're used to that in the South...and doubly moreso now that Obama is the House Servant and Osama is the Field hand..Obama's in the basement plotting revolution..Osama's in the penthouse stemming the tide...." but you're out of it, girl...a ******** from yesteryear I can slap around at will and watch the B.S. fly as poor Brucie doesn;t know WHAT to do..being as his fans want him so to be their Working Class HERO but he's just another dumb Yankee sell out piece of schitt making noise and money for the *****s to make a penny buying his records at Wal_mart.....B.S is a relic of the PAST..I am a relic of the FUTURE...I never made it BIG enough to make a come back..I had to get down to bumming and a Second Coming...there will be none for B.S. I judge...he gets blasted..YOU pay and pray attention for time..Serious Moon River....he has to stand in line to kiss my ass to keep his "Yesterday's punk career in arears"....the dude can;'t work th web...I am interNETional.they are not...."THEY" have agents and managers to paste on cookie cutter masks for websites so you buy their *****ing noise and uh..B'S....I mean how else can a Paul Williams be a giant in the business...?....grow up ************ offense meant..I;m sure none was can't get to Heaven Lydia except through me the Prince of Darkies....

For heavens sake! I thought you'd be thrilled to see your name in the same article as Bowie and Springsten. Guess I was wrong.
- Lydia Smuft