Biff,Bowie and Iman, Feb 25, 2016:

This is rare..a day with nothing happening
a blessing I must say or rather write'cuz who would believe me
and who cares anyway?
What I propose is so repugnant to ordinary ears
that they'll love it but won't do anything about it..
I'm white-mailing two white CEO's
Jesse Gallagher of Mythological Records (Cambridge Indie)
and Greg Clevenger of Wascals Wecords and Dee Wee Deez
(Olathe,Ks....Kansas City area Indie)
I've been kicked off Facebook for a month
so I don't have a life
and have to invent one
instead of pretending one already exists..
childrens' music is playing in the Golden Gate Saloon Cafe
beat keeping rap like a tisket a tasket
Chelsea likes it....Brin's tending bar
Chelsea works the Front Desk here in the Horbroke Hotel
but they are distractions to my main thrust of Virgin writings
projecting this struggle for Interpretive Control of
what happens when you die in the religions known as
Islam and Christianity
my two CEO's have supported me as long as
the Romance of Religion in Joy and Harmoney
prevailed with the necessary humors that
distinguish Americans from the Planet of the apps
and photo-ops....a new...genre...niche....category...label

DAVID BOWIE the Christian angst-man..
and IMAN the model Somalian Muslim
will increasingly be seen as cartoony loons
as even now Elvis and Priscilla..
the women WILL be seen and heard from
with "theirmen" plainly invisible behind the
cloud of .. peacock feathers..
Greg Clevenger hides inside an Elmer Fudd personna
for his major public performance identity
Jesse Gallagher is a rock and roller
35 and gasping on the road
bonding with Noah's ark for his
"all the animals two by two"
a Palestinian girlfriend back home
by his side...

There is a film of our lives
circulating throughout the universe
our individual selves are as ONE FRAME
inserted...spliced into the ever going..ongoing
everlasting film
Rocky my WiFi perceived that what I was doing
was inserting a frame into the movies I had seen
and was now talking about at the dinner party holding together
the sixties with the accident
Rocky's parents were their seventies now
...they're products of the sixties
Rocky and Big Uncle Thom sho biz were there
They're products of the seventies Rocky was born in 1972..
the year Helen Reddy won the Grammy for
"I am WOMAN hear me roar"
Rocky roars and surrounds me cuz she was raised
by her daddy to be a Feminist and a Communist.

None of them know DAVID BOWIE like I do
in fact they don't know him at all
he's just a cartoon to I 'pine it...
he's a kid to me and I suspect the reason he
did Fill Your Heart and gave me full credit for
writing it is...he felt guilty for ripping off
(Plagiarising?) my song THE MAN in 1971
and changing the meaning and intent of the song
to satisfy his shadowing my life and music
as major influences in his OWN singer-songwriting
abilities...and wanted to atone with a tone or two...
but the politics of England and America
are NOT the same....tho their common language
sometimes touches and communicates..
England is more traditionally feminized than America
beginning with Queen Elizabeth I who was so hot
and made England Head of the Christian pursuasion
thanks to her daddy King Hank the EIGHTH
America followed a Puritanical-Pilgrim...aka WASP-ish
bent that lent itself to western unstoppable expansion
under the religious guise of Manifest Destiny
and the Rugged Individual (Jesus Christ as John Wayne )
Calvary as the Cavalry..
England couldn't have a "Rugged Individual" mentality
there were too many people and they were having too much history.

They're all cartoons now
everyone pretty much is now that it's official
Kanye West and Taylor Swift are the Henry the Eighth
and Queen Elizabeth mating musically as only music.
can get away with these kinda "Elektra"..combos
there was even an ol' hillbilly song went
"I'm my own grand pa..I'm my own grand pa...
it sounds silly I know..but it really is so..I'm my own grandpa"
Kanye uses rap to suggest sex with Taylor..
Taylor tries to escape but is named as second in boldness
to Kanye's chutzpah....which makes the sho biz wheels go round
and makes my connecting the dots ir-...but not EAR-resistable

Rocky's sleeping...Brin just offerred me some black tea
"with honey?" " tea with honey,honey yo..."
by the Year 2020...the year of perfect vision...David Bowie and
Iman the Model Muslim from Somalia with simoleons ( her daddy
was Ambassador to Saudi Arabia)
Bowie and Iman will be more cartoonish cuz NEW cartoon coupling systems
will have come and gone..
I strike wth a blinding fury binding ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY'S promise
for the after-life in one Big Deal shocking to the system of
ordinary rock reviewers so phucking still hung up on the
"Cult of personality" they hold up Dylan, Springsteen from Elvis to Bowie
as rugged indivoduals worthy of....something
Bowie thot me so worthy he examined my album The Thorn in Mrs Rose's Side
closely and wrote 5 songs for his Hunky Dory using ideas the writer Nikolas Peggs
picked up on and delineates in his "Everything Bowie"...Big Book..
Changes...Pretty Little Thing....SHADOWMAN is his biggest...Nikolas Pegg
uses the word "plagiarism".......Rocky enters the fray..but really can't cuz she's a
woman..and we're dealing with the MAN..a SONG..and SHADOWMAN..also a song...Bowie didn't release his SHADOWMAN in 1971 and Nikolas Pegg wonders why...thats where the idea of "was it cuz people might say Bowie plagiarized Biff's The Man?"

I go further..cuz I just learned of the existence of SHADOWMAN a week before Bowie died...and Big Thom sho biz turned me onto Nikolas Pegg's "Everything Bowie" at the same tom.......and everybody's wondering about what role religion will play-ploy in this emerging New World Odor...will it stink? Will it smell of real old roses..or will an infusion of Rocky base Feminism and dot-Com-munism prevail?

It's prevailing so far as saying nice things about her when she's gone obtain...meaning where the rubber hits the road or the condom fits the rod...she'll read about it later and like it if it's good...but she's ever alert to busting me...pressing her titties she did rightfully so...thus bringing me up to date on the quickness of how we insert our frame..our movie frame into the ongoing collective movie being shown world wide..universe wide...a forever widening screen.....I hit the record biz with this news cuz I make records and David Bowie imitated me as best he could...and might've been in awe partially because he twisted THE MAN..the song into "from 'you can call him can call him SAM....but there's a GIRL up ahead...." like some kind of "warning" perhaps...more for HIM than for's too much of a stretch to see "the girl up ahead" in Bowie's Shadowman and Rocky who is cusping into a woman as we speak....she was a collective mishmash of Miss Goody Two Shoes bureaucratic obediance when we met....a childrens' out in the real world of egos and finance capitalism she wrangles with her boss the owner of the historic Horbroke Hotel in nearby Gold Country...

I think Bowie was afraid to release SHADOWMAN in 1971...he did release it in 2002...but back in '71 it was too close to "home" as each of us perceive "home".. which is more...what Boy George means to me..instead of what King George III meant to Gen'l. George....that's too deep for the forty somethings and almost outta reach for the seventy somethings...

Some inner voice must've urged BOWIE into recording FILL Your HEART..AND PUTTING (Biff) in parentheses as the author to atone as much as possible for phucking with the MAN...and allowing for a shadow to hang over the proceedings....when we met on Jan.31st 1973....he was obsequious...I think he wanted me to "like" him for recording Fill Your Heart...LOVE has a way for winning the war between way and NO transcends man and woman...boy and that...all is forgiven let's go to bed....

I admonished him for copping the whole arrangement while thanking him for doing the song,,,Rocky said "It's horrible"...(Bowie's version of FYH ) why ?....because he's just imitating the reality of sound from the heart.."Tiny Tim's version is better..."

But devout Bowie fans will not have been following this even this far so's like you can't say anything about Dylan to his waning fan base...he's a relic of the past..and has no tale to tell that tells...and involves tale-ing tail Iman's a MUSLIM

Bowie dives into the blackness....kills Duncan as Macbeth to get power and dare the forbidden....leaves white angel..( Angie)..King Duncan hanging on her breast..for Black Model Iman the Muslim and the sun is eclipsed..a black hole devours him...he dies......Rocky has already sent a letter to his producer Tony Visconti...urging him to lean on Bowie to get Biff some he can sing FYH and put BYTE into it instead of eternally gumming it as in "Mill your Mart mit Muff today" Mexican teeth are waiting on the horizon..the March Royalty should be in the bank next Tuesday..March FIRST...should be 3 to 4 hundred bucks...

Soon as he died...Bowie began to be played in his entirety world wide...that measn September's Royalty Check should be HUGE,,six thousand pennies more or less....teeth guaranteed...or all but..

The catch is..I see now my two CEO's as individual film inserts..splices in the always ongoing collective film we are..and are in.....Rocky saw it as my inserting this idea into the din-din arty-party binding her parents ( the sixties) with her peers ( the seventies).....Bowie's dive into blackstardom via Iman the Muslim means he gets 72 virgins and if he started phucking in a Heavenly way on Jan 10th the day he died and didn't wanna waste any time...he should have completed all 72 by March 21st...SPRANG THOM indie Rocky's....and upon this Rocky I will build my Churchy....the insertion of this film clip..this one frame in the busy busy and ongoing film of your IN your life ...OF your life and FOR your life began when..

I saw Zoolander 2...and was reviewing the film at the din din arty party..." and Ben Stiller inserts a film frame of a faggotesque-type o' Will Ferrell....and..." and Rocky interrupted.."No,Biff that was Brad Pitt inserting a porn frame into a film for the Fight Club.."

"Oh...uh oh...I was mixing two films together....I saw Zoolander 2 and then watched Fight Club with Rocky and...."

The same thing happened nite before last in bed...we'd just seen Lady in a Van...and the punchline seemed to they were wheeling off this bag lady type...she rose on some lift into the hospital van..with a Dignity in Poverty look on her royal British Maggie Smith, actress, face..

"Imposing Presence" I said as Rocky came in close kissing me repeatedly on the face and cheeks and..she recoiled..took it as an insult...the "imposing Presence"..she accentuated the IMPOSING as tho she was imposing..attacking..and gave less attention to the PRESENCE which makes everything o.k..........I appealed to KIRA the giant Nordic Goddess from Iceland...a worshipper at the altar of Gaia...a guy...a woman.a Gaia Woman..

"Kira...Rocky accented IMPOSING when I said imposing PRESENCE inserting a film frame into the ongoing Lady in a Van I had just seen where DIGNITY IN POVERTY WAS the....big deal...

and so....Greg and Jesse...2 CEO's have the option to print these words to promote their labels..or refrain for fear of getting in trouble with Facebook..and or....besmirching their own self images as really cool guys....

For my part..I will ram down the threats of any and all censors or would be censors..the idea Bowie is done with the 72 virgins as Spring is Sprung Mar. 21st...and at that point Bowie must come to me thru love generating..and not lust for generations..which is what mohammed suggests or offers by way of...phucking and getting away with it before Allah has anything to say about it..

The Christian heaven is based on the trinity of Father-Son and Holy Ghost and as I am David Bowie's "Father" in the way of ..filling your heart...with may use...we being you and I may use the ass scent of the Son come back in the glory of the FATHER as promised as BOWIE coming to me everytime I invoke Fill Your Heart and dare any and all to tell me a story of religions promises and recordings fulfillments...the Father FIRST..the Son second..the Holy Ghost THIRD and..

"Lazarus..come FORTH !"