Biff Rose 1937-2023
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"Mimi and the Evil Satanic Bookstore Esoterica next door to Harry's Bar in the Frence Quarter on Dumaine"

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Dylan and Baez came to see me at the Gaslight Caf� in November 1964 after the above article appeared in the NY Times on Nov. 14th. I was opening for Mississippi John Hurt�.or Son House or Skip James�maybe Dylan and Baez came to see them�..Dylan wanted to meet me after my two encore show�the best show I ever did at the Gaslight�.he stuck his hand out to shake�it was limp�I like that�.rednecks like to squeeze it�I'm a piano player�I like to take it easy�Dylan said, "And this is Joanie Baez�"�.actually it was Clarence "Sam" Hood,Jr. who came backstage after my show. "Biff" he said, "come here..there's someone I want you to meet�.." Dylan and I shook hands and he said, "And this is Joanie Baez�" I said, "Joanie WHO?" to settle a score between us from a year and a half before�.a bunch of us were singing "We Shall Overcome" onstage after a Baez concert at Earlham College in Richmond,Indiana�1963�Baez came over to me looked me in the eye and said, "You're singing too loud." "Joanie WHO?" says I�the teaching here CAN'T sing TOO LOUD for Civil Rights�she's a big phony and Dylan just wanted to phuck'er anyway then cop out explaing to Scorsese some bullschitt about mixing up ""love"" with "wisdom" �yawn�boring�.only Biff rose above anything they have to say because he heard that same old schitt yesterday�..yesterday their raves fell in a maze of old cliches�. .

Same kid always wants Biff to paint a Confederate flag on his face. Left at age seven. Right at age fourteen.

Malcolm X brings North and South together.

Biff wants to paint swastika on David Duke's face. David says, "No."

Joanie Lieberman owner of the Abbey Bar in New Orleans says, "We are going with the traditional way of speaking. Anti-semitic means you are against the jews." Biff says the semitic peoples are the arabs, jews and Ethipians and to be anti-semitic is to be against the arabs, jews and Ethiopians but Joanie Lieberman raises her voice and dictates the terms of speech in HER bar so Biff goes to the page and displays it and her pic on the Internet for his play Hitler on the Roof where Biff writes the songs that make Barry Manilow shut up and rounds up all the Joanie Liebermans not for the ovens of Auschwitz but for the COVENS of OUCH! WITCH! Begun by Helen Reddy as Hell'n'ready singing I am Strong I am Invincible I am Woman�.

The Exit Inn, Nashville, 1976. From left to right, Jerry JeffWalker, Donnie Fritz(Kris's piano player),John Prine,Guy Clark,Billy Swan (I can Help), Biff Rose.

"Don't show your tits."

Perry the Shadow Thompson at 1-800-616-6166 ripped off Biff Rose's name then tried to sell it back to him. He got kicked out of Atlanta for bootlegging the Indigo Girls albums. Their record company, Epoch, didn't like that and so picketd Perry the Shadow's store,Rainy Day Records, and destroyed his database . He had to leave Atlanta and so moved to Key West where it was there he ripped off Biff Rose's name and registered it as his own domain name so Biff wrote The Ballad of Perry the Shadow which now can be heard on MP3.�.Perry forgot to re-new the name and it fell into the hands of Nakednatalie who wrote "Walter" about this split personality schizoid that sounded familiar. For more info call Pilliard Dickle at 1-877-202-4948 and ask to speak to his wife.

Biff's appartment in St. Louis

Biff does his laundry in Chuck Brodsky's wok after painting Jesus on Muggsy Sugg's body to keep the dykes at bay or on e-bay�They encounter Muggsy's big tits with Jesus's eyes painted on there and stop for a moment's prayer before dining.

When face painters collide.

Biff teaches young black kids in New Orleans the blues with his street piano on rollers

Christian Cross above vagina shaved

Jewish Cross above vagina hairy

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