Biff Rose

Below you'll find a basic discography of Biff's work. In the future there will be a link to Mr. Steve Espinola's exhaustive discography, when he finally completes it and posts it to the web. In the meantime, if you have any such questions, you are welcomed to direct them to Steve Espinola and encourage him to finish.

01- The Thorn in Mrs.Rose's Side (1968) Tetragrammaton

02- Children of Light (1969) Tetragrammaton

03- Biff Rose (1970) Buddha

04- Half-Live at the Bitter End (1971) Buddha

05- Uncle Jesus Auntie Christ (1972) United Artists

06- Hamburger Blues (1974) Sweet Jane Ltd.

07- Roast Beef (1978) Downpat/Pacific Arts

08- Thee Messiah Album (1979) Downpat/Pacific Arts

09- Bone Again (1996) Fast Eddie Records

10- The Elizabethan Period (2001) Ask God Prod.

11- The E-Stir Pa-Raid (2003/forthcoming)